Producer, Director, DoP, Editor: Tim Drabandt, Fanon Kabwe
Line Producer: Iyambo Petrus, Elia Jimmy Tolu
Translator: Michelle Tjivillua
Soundtrack by Moby (Music used under license of the rights holder)
Special thanks: Prof. Michael Sutor, Prof. Timo Schnitt,
Paul Bruce-Brand, Hollow on the Square Hotel, Prof. Gunnar Spellmeyer,
International Office of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover,
Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room, Ursula de Villiers, Abba Guesthouse,
Friends and Family

A 30-minute documentary film about the rapid dying of a centuries-old culture: the Himba tribe in Northern Namibia.

★★★ Winner „Best Documentary“: SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016)
★★★ Winner „Best Sound“: SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016)
★★★ Winner: Und Bitte! Filmpreis – June Edition (Hanover, Germany, 2016)
★★★ Winner „New Filmmakers“: Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia, 2017)
★★★ Winner „Best Film“: Direct Short Online Film Festival – August Edition (Worldwide, 2016)
★★★ Jury’s Special Mention: Cinetekton! International Festival of Cinema and Architecture (Puebla, Mexico, 2016)
★★★ Special Mention „Cinematography“: Roma Cinema DOC (Rome, Italy, 2016)
★★★ Special Mention: I Filmmaker International Film Festival (Marbella, Spain, 2016)
★★★ Finalist: X. Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival (Istanbul, Turkey, 2016)
★★★ Finalist: International Festival of Documentary Cinema „Marcellino de Baggis“ (Taranto, Italy, 2017)
★★★ Finalist: XI Arica Nativa International Rural Film Festival (Arica, Chile, 2016)
★★★ Semi-Finalist: Los Angeles CineFest (Los Angeles, USA, 2016)
★★★ Semi-Finalist: Frame by Sound Festival (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (Missoula, USA, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: American Documentary Film Festival (Palm Springs, USA, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival (St. George, USA, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection:  RapidLion International Film Festival (Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (Llanelli, UK, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival (Glasgow, UK, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Hudson Valley International Film Festival (Monroe, USA, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Kleinkaap Short Film Festival (Pretoria, South Africa, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Maisha African Film Festival (Kampala, Uganda, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: ONE Country ONE Film International Festival (Le Mans, Fance, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Ekotopfilm Festival (Prague, Czech Republic, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Early Bird International Student Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Houston Black Film Festival (Houston, USA, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: Equality Festival (Kiev, Ukraine, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Ihme Vision Open Light Festival (Hannover, Germany, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: Auroville Film Festival (Auroville, India, 2017)
★★★ Official Selection: Colortape International Film Festival (Brisbane, Australia, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: XV Baikal Festival of Popular Science and Documentary Films (Irkutsk, Russia, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: XIX Ícaro Festival Internacional de Cine (Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: 6th International Folk Music Film Festival – Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition (Beijing, China, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: NuKhu Film Festival (New York, USA, 2016)
★★★ Official Selection: Black Filmmakers Film Festival (Cape Town, South Africa, 2017)